Feedback on RouteTactile

First of all, we highly appreciate you letting us know your feedback on the RouteTactile map creation system ‘Touch around the globe’. We are interested to hear about all your different findings, remarks and suggestions. The topics may range from the operation of the website, the type and content of the map or the way the map is (tactually) presented. Also other thoughts you want to share are welcome.

Format of your feedback:
You may enter your tekst below in a free format text. We require your e-maill address to be able to get back to you with a response. Especially, in case you obtained unexpected results from the system, please describe as detailed as possible where you were looking for, which actions you performed and what you expected.

A few notes:
This RouteTactile website is still in development, so things change/ improve over time. Therefor, revisit us from time-to-time. This website is based on open source databases such as Open streetmap (OSM) and Natural Earth. Thousands of people contribute to the core information for the maps with some potential for inconsistency in the data.