1.02 Your Feedback


There are quite a number of aspects involved in the creation and using tactile maps.

First of all there are the various databases (OSM, Natural Earth and Nominatum) that are used by the RouteTactile map creator. Thousands of volunteers are involved in contributing to these open source databases. The system allows the use of a wide variety of tags to help organise all the information.

Second is the way RouteTactile processes said information; which creates the actual map. When using a screen-reader, it becomes especially important to be as precise as possible with the selection of the map, it’s size, number of map elements, et cetera. This is to avoid having to redo the entire process.

Thirdly, the way in which you will create the map (MDA, Braille printer, et cetera) will influence the tactile appearance of the map. The size of the sheet of paper, the paper orientation (landscape/portrait) and the mechanical capabilities of the output device should be taken into account when creating the tactile map.

Because of all the aspects involved in the creation of a tactile map, we are very  interested in receiving feedback from you, the user, in order to create an intuitive system for all users. As such, we  love to hear if you have anything you wish to share. If so, please do so via the feedback form.