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12.02 Password Protection

The setup pages of the MDA are password protected, in order to safeguard you from unintentional changes to the registration or network setup by yourself or by others.

The default password for an MDA coming out of the box is admin. If you are connected to the internet, you can perform a full owner registration, and you can set your own password instead of using the default one.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a submit button for requesting a new password from Thinkable, being next to the login prompt on the setup page. Note that you need an internet connection to do so. This new password will be send instantaneous to the email address you have used for the registration of the MDA.

If you have no internet access, and still want to use your own password, you still can enter a password, but this password will expire after six hours. So you have temporary means to protect the MDA, but as there is no password retrieval mechanism without an internet connection, the password can only be temporal.

When you are finished with registration and/or network setup, it is good practice to logout from these pages, as for all other operations with the MDA, no password is required.

If you have obtained your MDA from an earlier user, and this person has forgotten to wipe the password, there is a possibility to request a factory-reset password from Thinkable. On the Setup page, there is a request button for this. Upon clicking this button, you will so an template of the request form that you need to fill-in and email to Thinkable. You will then receive a password from Thinkable, allowing you to reset all earlier entered owner/administration data.