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TactiPad with GraphGrid and a drawing template. Thinkable Logo GraphGrid

Follow graph lines through

rows, columns and boxes.

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Rubber strings on the GraphGrid frame form an artistic pattern: diagonal eye-shaped opening. Thinkable Logo GraphGrid rubber strings

Freely arrange grid rubber strings:

From straight matrix to playful art patterns.

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Photo of four drawing templates placed on the GraphGrid. Thinkable Logo GraphGrid add-ons

Draw graphs and curves

with handy templates.

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Photo of a GraphGrid with one hand drawing with a pen and the other feeling the grid and pen tip with the index finger. Thinkable Logo GraphGrid in use

Draw, count and measure with your hands.

Set up your preferred grid style and axes.

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Clever accessory to increase the potential of the TactiPad drawing board.

With the TactiPad young children can playfully learn to make beautiful and instructive drawings Students can do their homework faster and with greater accuracy. Artists of all ages get new tools to express their creativity on the TactiPad.
The accessories like GraphGrid intuitively extend the possibilities to play and learn. On one hand, mathematical principles emerge when drawing abstract, regular shapes. On the other hand, practicing these principles leads to surprising tactile results. This way, learning while playing will seamlessly become playing while learning.

New approaches to build up a drawing

The basic way to draw on the TactiPad is to use the entire surface and the measurements along the four sides. You can make any kind of drawing. Make freehand drawings with just a pen. Or also use the ruler, triangle, protractor or compasses to make construction drawings. The GraphGrid offers a different approach to construct a drawing.
The GraphGrid is a rectangular, TactiPad sized framework. It has mounting points on both the inside and outside edges of the frame for rubber bands. The rubber bands create a flexible grid which enables you to use a regular pattern of rows, columns and cells.

Use of the GraphGrid

GraphGrid Drawing coördinates

The flexible grid of rubber bands makes the measurements around the sides of the TactiPad tangible throughout the entire drawing surface. This way, you can make use of a regular, ordered grid in your drawings. You can play many games using the cells, like tic-tac-toe and battleship. Or keep your own scores in games like Yatzee.
The GraphGrid can also be used as a table to present all sorts of data. In elementary school, children can learn concepts like bigger/smaller and more/less, learn to count or memorize their multiplication tables.

Use of the GraphGrid in Math

There are numerous applications for the GraphGrid in math as well. For example to construct a graph by using the grid as coordinates. Higher placed rubber bands can easily be identified as the x- and y-axis. Use the trigonometry drawing tool to accurately draw a sine or cosine wave or a tangent graph with the same scale as the measurements of the GraphGrid.

For more information, have a look at the GraphGrid manual pages.