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MDA Motorised Drawing Arm

A brand new way of experiencing tactile graphics

Prototype 2 of the MDA with a map drawn by the motorized arm on the TactiPad and two hands continuing to draw
The Motorised Drawing Arm (MDA) by Thinkable is a computer-driven motorised arm that draws tactile graphics by mechanically moving a stylus the surface of our tactile drawing board. It aims to combine the accuracy of the digital tactile graphics from the TactileView software with the versatility of drawing by hand on the TactiPad drawing board.

This way, the MDA opens up unique interactive ways of making tactile graphics easily accessible. Being a low-cost alternative for creating tactile graphics, it will allow you to create tactile images in one go or even expand a drawing in multiple steps by adding successive digital and/or manual elements.

MDA now available for pre-order!

The moment has finally come: after a busy development period, we are proud to announce that he MDA is now available for pre-order!
The regular retail price will be €1995 (USD 2500), but you can pre-order until August 1st for a reduced price:

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Pre-order price

€1500 (approx. USD 1850)

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Delivery date

Expected on June 30th 2018

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If you are interested in ordering the MDA at a later stage instead of pre-ordering, we would be very grateful if you could already let us know that you are interested. You can simply use our order page to notify us.

So far, we have been working with images of the different prototypes of the MDA. Now the final design has been finished, this is what the MDA will look like:

Computer rendered image of the MDA's first production model

Using the MDA

After the MDA sketched a digital tactile design, you can read it and add to it again. You can add either by using the TactileView software or you can add manually with an ordinary pen. This two-way approach of expanding the design can be repeated time after time by adding more and more elements.

This versatile product opens up the possibility to explore, understand and enjoy an ’emerging’ tactile diagram that ‘develops under your fingertips’. The MDA provides a completely new perspective on creating and reading tactile diagrams.

Examples of applications of the MDA

Education icon Education, schoolwork and exams

A teacher creates a task in which a tactile diagram is involved. This can both serve as a means to provide information and as a template in which the exercise is made. By dividing the exercise into several consecutive steps, tactile graphics become easier to understand and create a dynamic interaction.

  • Participate in the classroom by sketching (‘printing’) images from the smartboard or handheld devices on the TactiPad (or multiple TactiPads simultaneously).
  • Create a map and add step-by-step topographic or geographic information.
  • Study graphs, geometry, physics diagrams, read and process values, etc.
  • Use the MDA as a document reader for images in schoolbooks.

Fun and games icon Fun and games

  • By allowing you to manually add to a sketched image, a wide range of games and puzzles becomes accessible.
  • Print simple designs from the TactileView catalog, such as animals and flowers, as a source for kids to have fun with discovering shapes and drawings.
  • Print simple objects and draw a copy to learn the basics of drawing.
  • Sketch a partly finished drawing and have it finalised.
  • Produce fun drawings with games such as ‘Connect the dots’.

Professional use icon Professional use

  • Produce schemes for work flow, statistical information, graphs etc.
  • Use it as an aid for communication with colleagues.
  • Sketch the images in textbooks based on the MDA.

More MDA content examples 

Order your own MDA

Be one of the first to have the MDA in your possession. You can either order an MDA or express your interest in ordering one. The expected delivery is June 30 2018. The price is set to Euro 1500 (approx. USD 1855)

*Please note that in order to utilise the MDA, you also need a TactiPad drawing board and a registered version of the TactileView software.

(Pre)order the MDA

Order your own MDA or express your interest

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Content examples

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