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TactiPad Videos

On this page you will find more information about the use of the TactiPad drawing board. The series of videos will explain how to use the different components and how the TactiPad can be used in combination with the TactileView design and production software.

Important: these videos show a previous version of the TactiPad. The appearance of some components has changed in newer versions of the drawing board, yet the functionality is still the same.


This first section gives a general description of the TactiPad drawing board and shows an overview of the different components that will be shown in the rest of the videos. They will contain more details about the use and dimensions of the drawing board itself, as well as the different drawing tools (i.e. the ruler, triangle, compasses and protractor).

Drawing surface and German foil

The work surface of the drawing board is the rubber surface with the German foil fixed on top of it. This video shows the properties of the foil and the way it is easily mounted on the TactiPad.

Frame and centimeter scale

The frame around the drawing surface contains a number of useful features that increase the precision and ease with which the drawing can be made. This video demonstrates how the knobs and centimeter scale along the frame can be used.


One of the drawing tools that come with the Tactipad is the ruler. The following video explains how to make perfectly straight lines of a certain length and how to draw horizontally or vertically.


The triangle is used to draw or measure the length of a line. In combination with the knobs on the edge of the drawing board it can be used to quickly make lines with an angle of 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees. The next video shows how this is done in practice.


The protractor can be used to measure the angle between two lines. It also contains a series of circles ranging from 0,5 to 2,5 cm that can be used to draw small precise circles. The following video shows all the features of the protractor.


The compasses are used to draw perfect circles with a radius of 3 to 10 centimeters. It consists of a magnetic base around which a metal arm can rotate. The base has a special ergonomic design, which helps to precisely position the centre point. Along the arm there is a centimeter scale that can be used to position the drawing stylus that slides along the length of the arm. The next video shows the different components of the compasses, the way the base can be positioned and how to draw a circle.

Enthusiastic users trying an early prototype

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