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5.01 Accessing the Interface

The interface can be accessed by using an internet browser on any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

The easiest way is to have a wired ethernet connection to the MDA from your router. When the MDA is switched on, it will then automatically configure itself into your network, and you can then access the MDA by entering the following link into your browser: http://mda

The MDA also acts as a WIFI-hotspot, with default network name (network SSID) mda-hotspot. With a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, you can search for this WIFI network and connect to it, using the default WIFI password 12345678. When the connection is established you can then again access the MDA-interface from a browser on the link: http://mda

(Note for WIFI hotspot use, that when your device was earlier using a WIFI connection to your own WIFI-network, you will lose this connection, as your device is only able to connect to one WIFI-network at the time, so you lose your internet connection as well).

By using the interface, you can also setup the MDA to connect to your own WIFI-network. When this connection is established, again you can access the MDA on: http://mda

Note that the default name of the MDA is “mda”, however, with the interface you can change this name. If you change the name, you have to access the MDA under the new name http://newname