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6.01 Home

The home page of the MDA web interface gives some brief explanation and links to the main pages of the MDA.

At the top, there is a link to the MDA manual on the help page.

This is followed by an instruction on how to position the TactiPad on the MDA.

Thereafter, a brief explanation is given on the various sketch options, with links to the Example gallery, the Uploads page, the USB drive pages and the MyImages page

It continues with a link to the Owner/Administrator registration page, or when a full registration has been made, the data how the Administrator can be contacted is shown here.

On the bottom part, all relevant network information is shown, like whether the MDA is connected to the internet, whether a wired connection or WIFI connection is present or whether the MDA is operating in WIFI hotspot mode. For all connections, the relevant data like IP-addresses are given. Here, also a link to the network setup page is provided.

On the bottom line, the version number of the MDA web interface is given.