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6.07 Setup

The Setup page provides links to the Owner/Administrator registration page and the Network setup page.

The Setup page also provides a Logout button. It is advised to logout from the Setup page as soon as you are finished with (modifying) the setup, in order to prevent that others make changes to the system.

This page is password protected, you must submit your password to enter this page (default password is admin). If you have registered your MDA and have forgotten your password, you can request for a new password on this page as well. Also, when you have obtained an MDA from someone else, and this owner has not removed his/her password, you can demand for a factory reset password from Thinkable. For details on password protection of the MDA, see chapter 12.04 of this manual.

Owner/Administrator registration

You can register your MDA with Thinkable by providing the requested information on the Owner/Administrator registration page. Upon registration you will receive information on developments and on updates of the MDA. Note that a number of the fields are mandatory. The password you enter will not be send nor stored with Thinkable. If you forget your password, you have the possibility to request for a new password, which will be send to the email address you have provided during registration. If you have registered earlier, you can modify any of your registered data at any time by making changes to the appropriate fields any than resubmit your registration data.

Network Setup

The upper part of the Network setup page shows information on whether or not you have a wired connection, and shows whether you have a WIFI connection, showing the network name (SSID) of the WIFI connection, or shows that the MDA is working as a WIFI hotspot.

When the MDA is connected to a WIFI network, you have the possibility to disconnect from this network. When the MDA is not connected to a WIFI network, it shows the available WIFI networks. You can select the appropriate network, and by providing the network credentials (either password for a home network, or user name and password for an Enterprise network), your MDA will connect to this network.

On the lower part of the Network setup page you have the possibility to change the name of the MDA on the network (default is mda), and to change the name of the WIFI hotspot network (default is mda-hotspot) and the wifi password of the hotspot (default is 12345678). You also have to provide the two-digit country code here (see chapter 7.03).

Note that there is no need to change the MDA name or hotspot name in case of a single MDA. Only if there are multiple MDA’s in your organisation, the MDA’s should not have the same names nor broadcast on the same hotspot SSID’s.