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9.02 Interface

SVG images can be sketched from the MDA interface, from four different starting pages:

  • Uploads, images can be uploaded to this page by yourself
  • USB-stick, images from an USB-stick
  • MyImages, images requested by you, made by designers from the MyImages community
  • Examples, images from the various example categories present on the MDA

In all cases, the command to sketch the image is simply a mouse click or a selection and return on the appropriate drawing.

On the top of all four pages, the last sketched image is shown, by clicking or return on this image, the image is resketched.

The Uploads and the MyImages pages have the possibility to delete images from the MDA.

Note that when you try to sketch on image while the MDA is sketching, you will get a notification that the MDA is busy, and you have to wait with issuing the sketch command until the MDA has completed the sketch.