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Community of Designers

When a user of the MDA can’t find a suitable image or is unable to create one himself, a design request can be submitted in a few steps on the MyImages page.

A design request is a personal request and always associated with an e-mail address. In a single user environment the request comes from the owner/manager of the MDA. In a multi user setting the user has to provide his personal e-mail address. This is to guarantee the created design is delivered to the right MDA/user.

When submitting a design request the content that should appear on the tactile diagram should be described as detailed as possible to make sure the designer knows what he has to create.

An MDA user can make arrangements with his own designers. When submitting the request he can select to whom the request is sent (Thinkable does not offer design capacity).

All design requests are stored on a dedicated website for further processing.

The selected designers receive an e-mail notification when a request is waiting for them as well as instructions on what to do if they want to honour the request. Only one of the selected designers can accept the request, create the image and upload his design work. After completion of the request the user who submitted the request will receive an e-mail notification and the design will appear in the MyImages list ready for sketching.

Designers can register and sign in here