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MDA Software

The TactileView software is used to create the digital drawings and control the drawing arm. Additional functionality extending the already wide range of features in the software is implemented as an extra toolbar at the right hand side of the design area.

TactileView software functions for the motorised drawing arm

  • Button start or resumeStart/resume sketching – Start or resume drawing with the motorised arm
  • Toolbar button: pause sketching Pause sketching – Pause the current sketch step
  • Button stopStop sketching – Stop the current sketching step
  • Button next stepSketch next addition – Add the next segment of the progressive tactile graphic (see Usage section)
  • Button go to rest positionGo to home/rest position – Move the arm out of the way for exploring the design and manual drawing


The user will be signified about the status and operation of the sketch process with a range of messages, such as:

  • Check available sketch space on foil – A message asks the user to check if there is sufficient space available on the drawing foil
  • Change orientation – A message prompts the user to match the TactiPad’s orientation with the TactileView design (portrait or landscape)


The MDA has firmware for executing print jobs. The MDA can either be connected with USB directly to the computer, or wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi. This requires the following firmware functions:

  • Wireless connection – Connect the MDA wirelessly to an available device via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Signal the user that sketch has finished, the MDA is connected, the arm is in rest position, etc.