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TactiPad GraphGrid videos

Using the TactiPad GraphGrid and the trigonometry tool, the range of drawing possibilities on the TactiPad is greatly extended. The GraphGrid enables you to use flexible gridlines in rows and columns across the drawing surface.
The following series of videos will show the different features of the CircleFrame and the trigonometry tool and give you an idea of the different applications.
If you want to find out more about the CircleFrame, you can also visit the CircleFrame video page.

TactiPad GraphGrid introduction

This first video shows the characteristics of the GraphGrid and the accompanying drawing tool and how it can be placed on the TactiPad drawing board.

Games, counting and keeping the score

By placing the GraphGrid on the TactiPad, you create a flexible grid that can be used for playing games, keepinig the score or learning to count. This next video shows how this works.

Trigonometric functions

With the GraphGrid comes a new drawing tool that can be used to draw trigonometric functions, as is explained in the following video.

Rubber bands as coordinate systems

This next video shows how you can create two- and three-dimensional space on the TactiPad by using rubber bands placed diagonally around the frame of the GraphGrid.