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Tutorials are an additon to the manuals. Those are describing the functionalities of our products. However, the tutorials show you what to do to in order to achieve a certain goal. You can learn how the Thinkable products can be utilities. Some tutorials only use a single product, some use a combination.

We thought about a list of topics that would be of interest to you. The topics are ordered by themes (graphs, maps, images, drawing, mobility and orientation, etc.). For each theme, there is an introduction page with some considerations that have to be taken into account. On each of these pages, you will also find a listing with links to the respective topics. Each topic is a tutorial on its own (or just a preview title for a future tutorial we work on).

We are also really interested to hear if the tutorials fit your needs, if you have any remarks or if you have topics you would like to see addressed.

Available Themes