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10.01 USB Connection

TactileView setup and settings

– COM port

Before connecting the MDA’s cables to the computer, first open the Windows Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager. In the Device manager, open the section ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’. Next, connect the USB cable from the MDA to the computer. Make a note of which new COM port appears in this list (e.g. COM5). In case you need to double check, simply disconnect and then reconnect the cable; the correct COM port should disappear and reappear from the ports list.

Next, in TactileView open File > Print XY Plotter. In the dialog that opens up, select the ‘Settings’ button and enter the correct COM port in the settings dialog in the ‘Serial Port’ box.

MDA settings

Figure 1. Current settings for the MDA


– Pen Feed Rate

The drawing speed of the MDA’s drawing arm is controlled by a single setting: the Pen Feed Rate. As a default, we advise to use a setting of F8000. To increase or lower the speed it is advised to stay within a range of F5000 to F10000. ** above the speed is so fast that it could frighten off the user.

– Pen Up and Pen Down

The values for Pen Up and Pen Down control the minimum and maximum force of the solenoid that controls the up and down movement of the pen. Pen Up should be set to a value of P0. In the current prototype, the Pen Down value controls the force that the pen applies while drawing. See the topic **Pen calibration** for details about the pen force.

– Scale (X and Y)

The scale determines the accuracy with which the dimensions of the digital design in TactileView match the lines that are drawn on the TactiPad. Currently, a value of 0.25 is used for both the X and Y direction.

– Exchange X and Y

This setting is used for development purposes only; make sure it is deselected.