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9.05 Auto Sketching

The MDA has the possibility to automatically start sketching an image.

Any SVG image file (or an MDA G-code file) that is copied or uploaded into the MDA-autosketch directory will be sketched automatically. See chapter 7.04 on how to mount this directory to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

The TactileView software also has the possibility to generate MDA G-code files, and with a single command you can send this file to the MDA-autosketch directory.

Upon completion of the sketch, the corresponding SVG or G-code file will be automatically deleted from the directory.

When the MDA is busy with another sketch, the SVG file will remain into the MDA-autosketch directory until the MDA is ready. However, upon completion of the earlier image, the MDA will start directly with processing the file from the MDA-autosketch directory with the possibility that the image will be sketched on the same foil as the earlier image. So, it is advised to wait with uploading files to the MDA-autosketch directory until the MDA is ready and there is an empty sheet of foil on the MDA.