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9.04 Multiple Sketch Jobs

Sometimes it might be necessary to sketch the same design multiple times. This can easily be done through the interface. The interface remembers the last design it sketched and displays this design at the top of every sketch page where it can simply be selected to repeat that sketch.

If you’re connecting to the MDA through the interface and try to start a new sketch while the MDA is still sketching, you’ll notice that the interface prevents you from doing so and displays a warning message informing you that it can’t start a new sketch until the last one is finished. It will not queue the sketch that was ordered last. You will need to reselect the design after the MDA has finished. This however will not happen if you use TactileView to start a new sketch while the MDA is still sketching. We are working on implementing a solution for this. For now, however be aware that you should always wait for the MDA to finish and the arm to return to its home position, before starting a new sketch.