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12.04 Configuring Hotspot

On the Network setup page, you can see whether the MDA is connected to a WIFI network or is functioning as a WIFI-hotspot. If the MDA is connected to a WIFI network, disconnect from this network and the MDA will reconfigure itself to start acting as a WIFI hotspot again. If you then connect to a WIFI network again, the WIFI-hotspot functionality will stop. This means that the MDA can either be connected to a network (either wired or wireless), or can be a WIFI hotspot.

On the lower part of the Network setup page you can change the name of the MDA on the network (default is mda), change the name of the WIFI hotspot network (default is mda-hotspot) and change the wifi password of the hotspot (default is 12345678). You also have to provide the two-digit country code here (see chapter 7.03).

Note that there is no need to change the MDA’s name or hotspot name in case of a single MDA. This only needs to be done if there are multiple MDA’s on your network. In this case the MDA’s should not have the same name nor should they broadcast the same hotspot SSID’s.