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13.01 Troubleshooting

This section lists the issues that have occasionally happened during tests, and how to solve them should they occur again.

Arm blocked

If the movement of the arm has been obstructed, shut the MDA down with the on/off switch at the back. See section **Unobstructed drawing**.

Lost connection

In some cases, TactileView will lose the connection with the MDA after it has been running for a while. The simplest way to solve this is to restart TactileView; the MDA should then function normally again.

No connection possible

When the MDA still fails to respond after restarting TactileView, first check if all the cables are connected correctly. Next, check if the **COM port** is still entered correctly.

Drawing foil tears

The drawing foil is very thin and can tear if too much force is applied with a sharp point. To avoid this happening again, first make sure the drawing foil is fixed in the TactiPad as tight as possible. Next, you can lower the **pen force** or the **drawing speed**. Try to avoid drawing too many intersecting lines, which will weaken the foil, and replace the foil before producing a new drawing.

Missing lines in the drawing

Occasionally, some lines or segments of the drawing might be missing in the output from the MDA. This occurs very rarely when there is a temporary issue with the MDA’s internal memory buffer. This will be solved in the final version; for now, no action is required, the next drawing should automatically be complete again.

Slow or jittery movement

When the MDA does not operate as smooth as it normally would, it is best to switch it off and restart TactileView.