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2.02 First Time Use

Unobstructed drawing

It is essential that the movement of the MDA’s arm is never obstructed while it is operating.

Before starting a drawing, always check if the drawing area and the table surface next to the MDA is clear.

! If at any time during sketching the MDA’s movement is obstructed, switch the MDA off using the power button at the back. Once turned off, you can manually move the pen and arm out of the way, resolving the obstruction as necessary. In case you use TactileView to control the MDA, you may have to restart TactileView to refresh the connection.

Drawing area

! The drawing area should be clear of any pens, drawing tools or other objects that could obstruct the arm during movement.

Area along the sides of the MDA

The arm moves back and forth parallel to the longer sides of the MDA. As, the arm is slightly wider than the bed, ensure that this area is also cleared of any obstructions before starting a sketch.

! Always make sure that a strip of at least five centimetres wide is left unobstructed on both sides of the MDA before starting a sketch.