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2.01 Unpacking

Opening the MDA box you’ll notice the MDA packed in several foam parts, and two large carton boxes. The first box contains the TactiPad inside its carrier bag. The second box contains on, the power supply and the USB-B type cable.
Once these boxes are removed you can take out the MDA from its packaging. Carefully lift the MDA out of the box by holding it by its sides. Make sure you lift it up by the sturdy top plate, the one that has several black objects on it (Tactinocks), and make sure to not lift it up by the flexible bottom plate.
Now that the MDA is out of the box you can remove the pieces of foam protecting the MDA. Start by lifting one side of the MDA and sliding off the foam part on that side. Carefully place the MDA down again, and repeat this procedure for the other side. Be careful not to drop the MDA during this process. Lastly, remove the piece of foam placed inside the drawing arm that was used to prevent movement of the sketching stylus during shipment.