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2.01 Unpacking

Opening the MDA box you’ll notice the MDA packed in several foam parts, and two large carton boxes. The first box contains the TactiPad inside it’s carry bag. The second box contains the drawing foil, the power supply and the USB-B type cable. Once these boxes are removed you can take out the MDA from it’s packaging. Once the MDA is out of the box you’ll notice that there are several pieces of foam protecting the MDA. You can remove the two large foam parts, without first taking off the smaller parts. Remove the large foam parts by gently pulling them towards the sides of the MDA. Be careful to support the MDA as you do so because it will fall down once you completely free one side of the MDA. Lastly, remove the bit of foam placed inside the drawing arm. This was used to prevent movement of the sketching stylus during shipment.