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6.04 MyImages

The MyImages page shows images downloaded to the MDA based on image requests, gives the possibility to request new images or to delete earlier downloaded images.

The top of the page shows the last sketched image. By clicking this image, the image will be sketched again.

On the middle part of the page, downloaded images from image requests are shown. By clicking on image, the selected image will be sketched.

The lower part of the page shows a link to the MyImages overview page on the Thinkable website. First enter an email address, which can be either the email address of the Owner/Administrator, or can be the email address of any user of the MDA, and continue with clicking the MyImages overview button.

You now enter the MyImages overview page on the Thinkable website. At the New Request part, you can start a new image design request. Enter a short and a long description of your requested image, and either Submit the request to the Designer Community (all designers who are registered on the Thinkable website and volunteer to make SVG images), or alternatively, you can Submit the request to selected designers, by selecting registered designers and even adding email addresses of potential new designers with your request.

The Design requests (new-open) part of the MyImages overview page shows your submitted request which still need to be answered by designers, you have the possibility to modify the descriptions, or to delete the request.

The Design requests (accepted) shows an overview of accepted design requests, and the email address of the designer processing your request. Upon completion by the designer of an image request, the image is automatically downloaded to the MyImages page on your MDA. This automatic download is triggered by either a refresh of the MyImages page, or by entering the MyImages page from another page of the MDA web interface.

On the bottom of the page, a Delete images link is given, clicking on this links shows a page with all images, clicking an image will delete the image from the MyImages page.