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6.05 Interactive

The interaction page allows the user to quickly create tactile drawings for features such as pie charts, clocks and so forth, without having to create/find the svg file. The user fills in the needed information on the interface, and the interface creates the rest of the image. This way you can quickly create a table with 3 rows and 4 columns, without having to manually draw the entire table.

The options currently available are:

  • Clock: Submitting the time the clock should display will automatically generate an analog and digital clock with the given time.
  • Table: Here you have to submit the orientation of the table, the amount of cells per row and column, and the dimensions of the rows and columns.
  • Coordinate system, scaled to fit page: Here you submit the range of the x and y axis, and the interval with which the indicators should appear on the axis. You can then select what you want the indicators to look like, or if you don’t want them at all. Lastly, it will scale the coordinate system so that it will fit on the page. This means that if you fill in that you want the x and y axis to go from -100 to +100, it will scale the image down so the entirety of the coordinate system will fit on the page. It it was sketched 1:1 you’d need a page that’d be 200 by 200 cm’s to fit the coordinate system.
  • Coordinate system, scale 1:1 : The same as above, only now the coordinate system will not be scaled. If you make a coordinate system that would be too large for the page, you’ll get an error message telling you so.
  • Pie chart – 100%: A pie chart where the parts are represented as percentages. It will allow you to fill in the number of segments, and then how much % each segment will be.
  • Pie chart – ratio’s: A pie chart where the parts are represented as fractions. It will allow you to fill in the number of segments, and then which fraction of the whole each segment will be.