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7.02 Hotspot

The MDA interface is equipped with WIFI hotspot functionality.

The default WIFI functionality for the MDA is as a WIFI hotspot. The WIFI hotspot is broadcasting under the default WIFI network name (network SSID) mda-hotspot.

With a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, you can search for this WIFI network and connect to it, using the default WIFI password 12345678. (Note for WIFI hotspot use, that when your device was earlier using a WIFI connection to your own WIFI-network, you will lose this connection, as your device is only able to connect to one WIFI-network at the time, so you lose your internet connection as well).

With the MDA interface, it is possible to change the name of the WIFI hotspot network and/or the WIFI password. For this, select the Setup menu item, and then Network Setup. The lower part of the page shows the present values of the MDA name (hostname), the WIFI network name (WIFI hotspot SSID) and the WIFI hotspot password. You can overwrite the present values and with Submit acknowledge and set these new values. Note that when you do so, the MDA will reboot immediately.

With the MDA interface, it is possible to connect the MDA to your own WIFI network (Setup menu, Network setup). When you have established a WIFI connection to your own WIFI network, the MDA wifi-hotspot has automatically stopped functioning. The MDA hotspot will automatically start again as soon as you terminate the connection to your own WIFI network, either by using the disconnect option on the network setup page, or when you are out of reach of your WIFI network, or when the WIFI network stops broadcasting.