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7.03 LAN/WAN

The MDA has built in capabilities for LAN connections through wired ethernet or WIFI ethernet.

Wired ethernet connections can be created by wiring the MDA through the network adapter at the back (RJ45 connector) to your network. Upon switching on the MDA, the MDA will configure itself to your network, assuming that your router acts as a DHCP server (which is the default case).

WIFI connections can be established trough the MDA interface. Navigate to the menu Setup option, login if required and select Network Setup. This page shows the various network connections with their associated IP-addresses.

If you have not setup a WIFI connection earlier, the page shows all the available WIFI networks in the vicinity of the MDA. Select the appropriate network and you will be prompted for a WIFI password for the WIFI network. Enter the password and the MDA will connect to this WIFI network, which might take a few seconds.

If you have made an earlier WIFI connection, the MDA connects automatically, and this connection is shown, and you have the possibility to disconnect from this WIFI network.

The MDA automatically switches over from the WIFI hotspot (you can connect the MDA WIFI network) to WIFI client (you can connect the MDA to your own WIFI network). If you have established a WIFI connection to your own network, the hotspot is disabled, and when you are not connected to a WIFI network, the hotspot becomes active again.

Note that you can change the name and password of the WIFI hotspot of the MDA. The default name is mda-hotspot, with a default password being 12345678. On the lower part of the Network Setup page, you have the possibility to change the name and/or password.

Here you can also change the name under which the MDA shows up on your network from the default name mda.

An additional setup requirement on this page is the setup of the WIFI country code, which should be the official two-digit code of your country in capitals. More precise, it is the two-digit country code of the country your WIFI router is registered for, but this will in most cases be your country itself. This is a absolute requirement for new types of WIFI routers. Failing to set the proper code might give failures in the WIFI setup or WIFI connection.