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03. ClickPad – Description

The TactileView ClickPad

The ClickPad is a yellow, 5 millimeter thick plate, with anti-slip material on the underside. The ClickPad is available in A4, A3 and US letter format to match the different sizes of tactile images.
The ClickPad is slightly wider at its four edges, and has notches in which rubber bands are placed. The tactile image is held in place by these rubber bands. In one long side are four holes for storing the ClickPad in a two or four ring binder.

Magnets in the sides

Four magnets have been placed in the edges of the ClickPad. Two in one long side, two in one short side. Two magnets are also mounted in the holder for the receiver of the TactileView digital pen. This way, the holder will be attracted to the ClickPad.
Depending on the page orientation the holder is at the long side (landscape) or at the short side (portrait).
The holder can be detached and attached again. The magnets make sure that the holder automatically falls in the right position. The receiver for the TactileView digital pen can then be connected to the computer by a USB-cable.
The right-up marker on the tactile diagram can always be found in the upper right corner. Use this symbol on the diagram to determine the receiver’s position.

Paper clamps of the TactileView ClickPad

At every corner of the ClickPad a rubber band is attached which crosses itself as a result of a rotation.
On 1,5 and 5 centimeter distance from the corners, there are hook-shaped notches in the outer edge for attaching the rubber band.
To attach the rubber bands, put one around the corner in the two notches farthest from the corner. The band now makes a 45 degrees angle from the long to a short side of the TactileView ClickPad. Hook 2 fingers under the rubber band and rotate so that the band is twisted 180 degrees around your fingers. Pull the rubber band outwards and put it around the corner into the notches closest to the corner.
On the upper side of the ClickPad, the rubber band crosses itself. On the underside the rubber band runs parallel; one between the notches closest to the corner, and one between the two notches farthest from the corner.
With the rubber bands in all four corners of the ClickPad, the paper sheet is fastened all around on 16 places. The rubber bands measure around 7 centimeters for the A4 format and 12 centimeters for the A3 format.