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02. ClickPad – Set up

The TactileView ClickPad holds both the tactile image, and the holder with the receiver for the TactileView digital pen.
The rubber bands on the corners of the ClickPad make sure the tactile image is always on the same position. The holder for the receiver is placed at the edges, using magnets in the sides. This results in the images always being in the correct position for pointing on them with the TactileView digital pen.
At a click of the pen, the horizontal and vertical distance to the upper left corner is measured and converted by the receiver. The exact position is then transmitted to the TactileView software on the computer. In the file, which matches the tactile image, these positions are used to play the corresponding audible information. When calibrated correctly, the position on which is clicked on the tactile image, always matches that same position in the digital equivalent.
Exchanging the tactile image is very easy, using the flexible paper clamps. Exploring diagrams in portrait can be alternated with diagrams in landscape by accordingly placing the receiver on either the long or the short side of the ClickPad.