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11.02 iOS

iOS apps that generate SVG format images can be used to create images which can be automatically sketched on the MDA, or can be saved on the MDA to be sketched later.

There are a number of apps available in the App-Store. As an example on how to create and upload an SVG image from the iPhone or iPad to the MDA, we will show you how to do so with  “Vectornator Pro”. For our purpose an app like “Vectornator Pro” is excellent, as it is easy to work with, has the capability to create images in a number of formats (one of which is SVG), and can be used together with an app that can be used for uploading the resulting image to the MDA, ie. the “FileBrowser” app.

In order to sketch directly from an iPad/iPhone to the MDA, you have to setup the connection from your device to the MDA using the “FileBrowser” app. The setup for “FileBrowser” needs to be done once, as described in chapter 7.04 (section on iPad).

To create and sketch an image with “Vectornator” and your iPad with, do the following:

Start “Vectornator”, select “New Document” and then select “A4”, either Landscape or Portrait (selectable in the top-right corner). “Vectornator” then creates a new empty document on its document overview page. You can modify the document name by clicking on the name and enter a new description. Click on the empty document itself and start drawing with the drawing tools on the left side bar.

Upon completion, select the “share/export” icon  in the top-right-hand corner and then select the “SVG” option, select “Save” and then select “Copy to FileBrowser”.

“FileBrowser” now opens with a popup mentioning that you have to browse to the folder you would like to save the file to. Click OK to close this popup and select “mda” in the left bar (or whatever other name you have used for the MDA in your setup).  You now see two directories of the MDA on the right-hand side. Select MDA-autosketch if you want to have your image being sketched directly and then deleted, or select MDA-upload if you want to have your image being saved in the upload directory, so you can sketch later from the upload page of the MDA interface. After selecting one of the two folders, press “Paste 1 item here…” at the top right corner and then press “Paste 1 item” again.  Your image is now either been sketched directly or available for you to sketch later.