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TactileView software for tactile graphicsTactileView Drawing Software

TactileView creates pictures for people who can not see. These pictures are transformed for them into tactile graphics. Blind people can read them by touch and interpret the tactile material.
Easy to use tools are available for the design and production of tactile pictures, diagrams and maps. The TactileView concept consists of design software for the creation of tactile graphics and an international web catalog. The design software allows production (printing) on a braille embosser or on swell paper (microcapsule paper). Read more…


TactiPad with drawing tools

TactiPad with Drawing Tools

The TactiPad is a versatile drawing board which enables a VIP (Visually Impaired Person) to make a tactile drawing themselves or on which someone can make a drawing for the VIP. These drawings are made on a thin sheet of plastic foil on top of a layer of rubber. By firmly pressing down on the foil the lines will raise instantly, forming the tactile image. The ergonomic design makes drawing easier and much more enjoyable. Read more…


Motorised Drawing Arm MDA with TactiPad

MDA Motorized Drawing Arm

The Motorised drawing arm (MDA) by Thinkable is a computer-driven motorised arm that draws tactile graphics by mechanically moving a ballpoint pen across the surface of our tactile drawing board. This way, the MDA opens up unique interactive ways of making tactile graphics easily accessible. Being a low-cost alternative for creating tactile graphics, it will allow you to create tactile images in one go or even expand a drawing in multiple steps by adding successive digital and/or manual elements. Read more…

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DogSim Guide Dog Simulator
DogSim Guide Dog Simulator

DogSim Guide Dog Simulator

Practice the orientation skills that are necessary for successfully working with a seeing-eye dog. Explore the new routes that your client will need to walk with his or her dog. The DogSim comes to life in the trusted hands of a seeing-eye dog instructor: use the DogSim as a tool to determine which dog will be the best possible match for the client. Teach the aspiring seeing-eye dog handler all the necessary commands and their timing, as well as how to anticipate the way his future seeing-eye dog could and should behave in different situations. Read more…

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