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Thinkable has created resources  to help you to create specific content. In addition to the TactileView drawing software. They are accessible from within the software from via the menu.
Creating maps, graphs or images of any kind requries still some work.

TactileView Catalog

The TactileView catalog contains a large number of pre-made images organised in categories and sub categories. You can either browse the catalog or search for specific images related to keywords in their title or description.

Maps / RouteTactile

Instead of saving a map, we prefer to create it at the time we need it. Defining the scope of interest (world, continent, country or even a particular city area) is flexible. Even adding marks to the map is rather easy.
Printing on any paper size is then just one click away.

Formulas & Graphs

There are quite many parameters involved in the definition of a tactile usable graph. Over 35 parameters can be set. So therefor working from examples helps a lot. Saving the examples as a MyGrid will increase your working speed.