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Below, you will find a wish list of requirements that the drawing arm will have to meet. These requirements are based on the MDA’s applications and will determine the used technique and software functions.

  • Easy to (dis)mount on the TactiPad for transportation and storage.
  • Convenient positioning of the TactiPad, both in portrait as well as landscape orientation to make optimal use of the width or height of the drawing area
  • Open and close the TactiPad frame without obstruction by the motorised arm to replace the drawing foil.
  • Modular design; the drawing arm extends products you may already have or can buy separately (extending the options for the TactileView software and the TactiPad drawing board).
  • ‘Go to rest position’; move the arm aside to avoid obstruction to explore the graphics by touch and expand them with manual drawing.
  • The relief that is scribbled should preferably be visible in ink as well for sighted teachers, family, etc.
  • Small and compact yet robust, with a non-obstructive, sleek design.
  • Wireless connection with WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Low motor noise.
  • Compatible with both model 1 and 2 of the TactiPad drawing board.
  • Battery-powered for use in classrooms or on the go.
  • Intuitive visual and non-visual interface, allowing for easy operation by both the non-sighted user as well as a sighted teacher, colleague or classmate.