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2.05 TactiPad – Drawing Tools – Compasses


The compasses exists out of two parts: a branch, with a turnable compass spike and a point for drawing the circles, and a base to keep the compass spike in place. Three magnets in the base keep the compass tight to the board using the metal layer below the drawing surface.

The base consists of half a circle with a diameter of almost 6 centimeters, with three little legs pointing out, that way looking a bit like a round capital E. The middle leg has the shape of a triangular arrowhead of which one corner has been cut out. The arrowhead can be used to precisely place the middle of a circle on a specified point in the drawing.

The two parts of the compasses: the magnetic base and the branch

By placing the corners of the arrowhead on two crossing lines, the compass spike is exactly in the middle. Along the outer edge of the base, three semi-circular hollows have been made which can be used to quickly and precisely place the spike on a line. The point which is used to draw the circles moves across a branch with measure designation. Using this indication the radius can be set per 0,5 centimeters. The smallest possible radius is 3 centimeters, whilst the largest is 12 centimeters.
The branch can be moved around the base clockwise and counterclockwise just above the sheet. By slightly tilting the branch it becomes easier to draw a circle with the point
The base keeps the compass in place on the drawing surface

At the outer end there is a compass spike which will be the middle of the circle and is put in the base. At its bottom are three very small spikes. By turning the knob on top of the main spike, without moving the whole branch, a small tactile circle is created which indicates the middle of the circle drawn.
Measure designation on the branch