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09. Digital Pen – The pen in stand-by

The software always responds to pen contact when the receiver is connected and the pen functions correctly. Upon starting the software the pen does not have a drawing function yet, to prevent unintentional drawing. The pen stays stand-by until a drawing function is assigned to the pen. The pen’s function can be set at any time, using the context menus.
The basic moves of the pen are those where the pen is pressed down for a long or short time on the same position on the drawing surface. Pressing down and releasing without moving results in a short or long pen click. When the pen is pressed down and the tip is meanwhile moved on the drawing surface, there is pen contact and simultaneous movement (drawing).
The context menu containing the current options for the pen (which options are available depends on the user’s previous actions) is opened using a long pen click, or when the pen does not move whilst pressing down for approximately one second. Short pen clicks are used to select an option in an opened menu. The option to put the pen back to stand-by can be found in nearly every context menu.