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11.04 TactileView digital pen – Basic operation

Initial rest state

Initially, the digital pen will be in its ‘rest state’, in which nothing will be drawn in the software when moving or pressing down with the pen. This way, any unintentional ‘pen contact’ (pressing down with the pen tip) will not yet cause any changes in the design. The rest state of the pen is announced by a tinkling sound when pressing down.

In order to change the operation/function of the pen, open the context menu by pressing the pen down anywhere on the surface for 1 second. You will hear a sound of five ascending tones. After the fifth tone, the context menu is opened. Releasing the pen before the last tone was played will not open the context menu. This allows you to cancel before unintentionally opening the menu.

Selecting an option from the context menu

After the context menu has opened, the pen is used to operate the software by cycling through the available options and making a selection. The selected option will be pronounced by the screen reader.

The context menu both contains functions for drawing on the TactiPad, as well as exploring audio tactile diagrams on the ClickPad.

Audio reading system with TactileView digital pen and ClickPad

In the explore mode (Ctrl+E), the audio information in audio-tactile diagrams can be explored. The printed design is placed on the ClickPad and the corresponding digital design is opened in TactileView. By clicking with the pen in the tactile diagram, any audio information that is present at this position is activated.