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11.03 Considerations

As mentioned in ‘Introducing the TactileView tactile graphics suite’, using the TactileView digital pen in most cases requires a high level of experience. We strongly suggest to practise the various skills in a certain order to develop the necessary skills before starting to use and combine the products in the TactileView Graphics Suite.

Depending on the amount of support at hand, we recommend to take care of some preconditions to avoid disappointment in using the TactileView digital pen. Make sure all sections in the category ‘Using TactileView with a screen reader’ are mastered as well.

Why drawing with the digital pen on the TactiPad?

Do you wish to digitize the drawing that you create on the TactiPad drawing board? Do you want to share your digital designs with others for further processing? Or do you want to use the objects in TactileView for more accuracy in your drawings?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, there are specific advantages to using the digital pen to combine the functionality of both TactileView and the TactiPad. In other cases, the separate use of both products will usually be sufficient.

Keep in mind that the skill level of the combination of products is

Please note, we bring up this question while the effort involved in to creating a digital design is relative high.

Why using a TactileView ClickPad?

By its nature, braille characters have a fixed size that takes up a relatively large amount of space in a tactile graphic. For diagrams in which many (braille) text labels are required, the addition of an audio information layer can help to reduce the amount of space needed for text information. Specific areas in design can be provided with audio labels that provide spoken information. When clicking with the digital pen on the position of the audio style, its content will be pronounced. The audio content can be text (using Text to speech) as well as music or microphone recordings (.mp3 files).

See the section ‘Adding audio style’ to find out how audio styles can be added to the design.