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6.12 Draw letters and digits

NOTE: Keep in mind that this drawing tool is not intended to present texts in braille, but as a tool to show the contours and shapes of visual text characters. Various font types and font sizes can be used to illustrate font attributes such as serif, italic or bold.

To draw a text in the design, select the ‘Draw letters and digits’ icon from the left vertical toolbar. Click in the design where you wish to place the large text. Enter the contents in the dialog that appears and click ‘OK’. You can use the purple markers to resize the text, which should be large enough for tactile use to distinguish the characters.

‘Draw letters and digits’ icon: Draw letters and digits icon

Large blue letters drawn using 'Draw letters and digits'

Figure 1. Add large text to your design with ‘Draw letters and digits’

Large blue texts with different font sizes

Figure 2. Font type and size for letters and digits can be adjusted.

‘Font type and size’ icon: Font type and size icon