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6.11 Draw mammoth braille

The dots of braille characters normally have a fixed distance, but this can be enlarged. In TactileView, the greatly enlarged braille is called ‘mammoth braille’ to distinguish from Jumbo braille (braille with increased dot distance).

NOTE: Mammoth braille is not used to place braille texts in the design, but could be used for ‘fun’ applications such as writing a name in a large braille character type. The braille dots will be displayed in blue on screen. The character that is represented by the dots is shown in grey behind the braille dots.

To draw a large braille in the design, select the ‘Draw mammoth braille’ icon from the left vertical toolbar. Click in the design where you wish to place the mammoth braille. Enter the contents in the dialog that appears and click ‘OK’. You can use the purple markers to resize the enlarged braille.

‘Mammoth braille’ icon: Draw mammoth braille icon

Mammoth braille; large blue dots and grey text in the design

Figure 1. Mammoth braille inserted in the design.

Difference in braille dot size using mammoth braille

Figure 2. The dot size of mammoth braille can be enlarged, as opposed to regular braille.

‘Braille dot size’ icon: Mammoth braille dot size icon