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1.05 Transfer installation or uninstall TactileView

The software product code (SPC) allows the software to run on one computer. In case you need to have the software running in full version on another computer as well, an extra SPC is required.

Visit our shop to purchase an extra software licence.

Reinstalling on another computer

You might want to transfer the software installation to a different computer, using the same SPC. By sending us an e-mail, we can delete the currently registered computer data, allowing the SPC to be reinstalled on another system. An e-mail confirmation is sent to the mail address that was entered in the registration form.

Uninstall TactileView

If you wish to uninstall the software from the current computer, open the Control Panel, click ‘Programs’, then select ‘Programs and Features’. Select TactileView from the list and click ‘Uninstall’.