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Exam questions with MDA as answer sheet

This page shows a set of examples of test questions that use images produced on the MDA as answer sheets.

Question 1

From a rough diamond with a square cross section (shape 1), a jeweller can choose to cut a diamond with either a more obtuse angle at the bottom (shape 2) or more acute angle (shape 3).

On the answer sheet, construct the beam of light that exits the diamonds of shape 2 and 3.

Scribble answer sheet for question 1


Question 2

Safety regulations for electric fences state that:
1. The voltage must stay below 10 kV.
2. The duration of a pulse must stay below 10 ms.
3. The maximum electric current must stay below 15 A at both 100 Ω and 500 Ω resistance.
4. The energy in one pulse must stay below 6 J.

The graph on the answer sheet shows the voltage pulses for different resistances.
Use the graph to show that the electric fence complies with the safety regulations.

Scribble answer sheet for question 2

Electric fence