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Upgrade to TactileView generation 2.5

$268.25 excl. VAT

Upgrade to TactileView generation 2.5

Upgrade your SPC of an earlier generation of TactileView to the newest generation, 2.500
You will receive an email with a key and instructions to upgrade your SPC.

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The newest version of the TactileView program requires a software product code eligible to run generation 2.500 software.
If you already own a software product code (SPC)  for generation 2.2 TactileView or earlier you can buy an upgrade key to upgrade your software product code (SPC) to be able to use the newest version generation 2.500.

If you are not sure whether your SPC needs to be upgraded to run the latest software generation you can check this by:

  • menu ‘Help’ > ‘Check for New Updates’ in the TactileView program
  • or you can check your SPC here