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TactileView version 1.900 – release notes

A few esthetical changes have been made to the icons in the toolbars and they are separated in groups with similar functions.
The colour scheme has been extended with a green colour that is used to add information to certain objects. This colour is used in the design and in the corresponding tool icons in the toolbar. The green indicators on the screen will not be printed in the design, unless specified.
The icons for the tool ‘Add Text Label’ and ‘Draw Letters and Digits’ have been adjusted to explain the two different tools to avoid confusion. (You mainly want to have text in the design with the proper Braille characters. Users tend to select the draw character at first sight).
The selection tool has got a few more options: ‘Add to bitmap’ and ‘Mirror vertically or horizontally’. These are also available for figures in the design.
Two new objects have been added: triangles and tables.
The triangle object enables you to create a triangle with preset properties like a right angle or 2 or 3 equal sides. When you select a triangle in the design you will see green indicators for the type of the triangle and characters A, B en C to indicate the corners. Via an option in the context menu you can have these indicators printed as well. Extra lines from any of the 3 angles to the opposite side (altitude, median line and bisector) can be selected to be drawn automatically.
The table object allows you to create a tactile framework divided into rectangles. The context menu will allow you to adjust the size of the table or add or remove specific rows or columns.
In the individual cells you can place other objects from the left vertical toolbar. You still can change the properties of the elements in the cells from the respective tool bar.
‘Show or hide order of objects’ will list the order in which the objects have been added to your design. Especially when you want to make sure that overlapping objects are well presented either transparent or not, you may find this feature useful. The numbers in the middle of the objects will turn green or orange, corresponding with the transparency icon / setting in the objects context menu. An orange number shows that the object is not transparent and that you see the contour lines of the object while the underlying object is (partly) covered, whereas green indicates that the object is transparent and the objects below can be seen through it.
The option ‘Create Map’ in the Portal menu is restored. Not only can you create street maps, but also maps of larger areas, even up to the whole world. The option will establish a contact with the RouteTactile website where you can also select various layers to define the map of choice, depending on the zoom level.
The help option ‘Sounds’ has been relocated to the Settings option ‘TactileView digital pen’, in which the playback volume can be set relative to the other sound and speech output signals.
More printer options have been added. You can now use the Index V4 range of embossers.
The software has been extended with the Index V4 range of embossers. Especially the resolution of 0.5 mm will create very nice shapes and curves. In order to use your Index V4 embosser, please make sure that your unit is equipped with firmware version 1.4.2 or higher.
You may find firmware upgrade instruction at Index website:
In this case it is enough to select a “minor upgrade”.
To access these downloads from the user has to register and be logged in on the site.