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Tutorials – Theme: Editing and Transforming Visual Images

Available topics in this theme:

  • Creating a Tactile Design Based on an Imported Image (TactileView)
    This tutorial makes you familiar with one of TactileViews main functions: transforming an image that was made for visual perception into a design and format that can be used for tactile perception. A birthday card found on the internet is used as an example. The tutorial guides you through the necessary steps to transform the colourful image into contours that can be embossed or raised on swell paper.
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  • Editing Challenging Images (TactileView)
    This tutorial shows you how to re-draw (or: extract) shapes from an original visual image, which is not (well) suitable for automatic filters. It uses the example of a map of the Mediterranean sea with a cruise ship route. You can learn how to work on a second layer where you re-draw the necessary contours, such as coast lines and the cruise route. In the end, you will delete the underlying original layer, which had more information than needed, such as country borders, colours for water and land, decorative shading, etc.
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