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Tutorials – Theme: Graphs, Grids and Charts

Under this theme you can find considerations and tutorials on how to create coordinate systems and graphs with various methods for different occasions. You can use the TactiPad drawing board, the TactileView software and the motorised drawing arm (MDA) or a combination.

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This document is in work in progress. Sections will be added over time. If you have any remarks, suggestions or questions for clarification, please let us know.

Considerations for the methods

Available topics in this theme:

  • Creating Mathematical Graphs (TactileView)
    Depending on the specific phenomenon to be displayed as a mathematical graph or on the kind of data that you have, you will need to create grids with different kinds of scale types. In the TactileView software, you have this option. This tutorial will enable you to create grids with linear, logarithmic or degrees/radians scales.
    The tutorial uses the example of a classical quadratic function with a parabola for the linear scale grid. Covid19 infection cases are taken as an example for a logarithmic Y axis. Sine/cosine functions will make you familiar with a grid, whose X axis is in degrees or radians.

    Enjoy the full tutorial

Ideas for future topics in this theme:

  • A Quick method to create a graph by hand (TactiPad)
  • Sketch coordinate system (TactiPad / MDA)
  • Create bar chart with (TactiPad and GraphGrid)
  • Pie chart with basic tools compass, triangle and pushpins (TactiPad)
  • Sketch a pie chart or bar chart (TactiPad / MDA)
  • Sketch 3D coordinate system on TactiPad and use a 30/60/90 degrees triangle (MDA)