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4.04 Importing images from file (.svg, .png, .jpg, …)

Saved images can be used as a basis for your tactile designs. These can be bitmap images (.bmp, .png, .jpg, etc.) or SVG images. There are two ways to insert these files into your design.

Import image from file

To import a bitmap or SVG image file, select ‘Import’ from the drawing tools toolbar, then choose ‘Import SVG’ or ‘Import image from file’ from the context toolbar. A dialog will open in which you can browse and select the image file that you wish to use. Select ‘image files’ or ‘svg files’ as the type of file to limit the presented files to images suitable for importing. Once you have selected the correct image, click ‘Open’ to insert the image into your design. Next, click in the design to position the image.

‘Import’ icon: Import icon
‘Import SVG’ icon: Import SVG icon
‘Import image from file’ icon: Import image from file icon
Copy from Windows File Explorer
In Windows File Explorer, select the image file that you wish to insert in your design. Right click on the file and select ‘Copy’, or use the shortcut Ctrl+C. In TactileView, position the mouse where you want to insert the file and press Ctrl+V to paste the image. Alternatively, you can also select ‘Paste’ from the Edit menu, the top horizontal toolbar or by opening the context menu by right clicking in the design and selecting ‘Paste’.
‘Paste’ icon: Paste icon