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12.06 Printing multiple designs; booklet

TactileView includes a convenient tool that allows you to consecutively print multiple designs. This option can be accessed by choosing ‘Print multiple designs’ from the File menu.

Tip: a bound booklet can already signify the page orientation, so in some cases it may be beneficial to switch off the right-up marker for the document.

Preparing the print list as a TXT file

In a few steps, you can easily create a print list. You can choose between a direct selection of the printed files (1a) or preparing the print list in advance (1b).

1a. Multiple file selection

In the dialog that opens, you can select the files that you wish to include in your print list. Hold down Ctrl to add single designs to the selection, or hold Shift to add consecutive files. Once you have all the files selected, click ‘Open’.

The next dialog allows you to save the file selection as a .txt print list. This list needs to be saved in the same folder that contains the selected designs. Enter a file name and click ‘Save’ to confirm. If you do not wish to use the print list again later on you can also skip by clicking ‘Cancel’.

1b. Use a previously prepared print list (TXT file)

You can create a print list in advance with any text editor such as Word or Notepad, or select a print list that was created previously following the steps in 1a.

Each line in the print list must contain one file name, including the .bpx file extension. If the file is located in a subfolder, include this before the file name, followed by a forward slash. Make sure that all file names are correct, including any spaces or punctuation marks. Designs can be included multiple times if necessary. Your print list should look like this:

file name 1.bpx
subfoldername/file name 2.bpx
file name 3.bpx

Save your print list as a .txt file in the folder that contains the TactileView designs. In TactileView, select ‘Print multiple designs’ from the file menu, then choose ‘Single selection: list with file names (*.txt)’ and select your saved print list. Click ‘Open’ to continue.

2. Select print order

In the next dialog, you can select the order in which the designs should be printed. You can choose ‘Original order’ to print the designs in the order in which they are included in the print list. ‘Reversed original order’ can be used to ensure the last file in the print list is on the bottom of the stack. ‘Alphabetical order’ and ‘Reversed alphabetical order’ can be especially useful is the file names already include ordered numbering.

Any files in the list that cannot be located will not be printed. The print job will continue with the next file name in the list.

Text and graphics combination

TactileView has the option to embed designs in a text document that was created with the Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT). When using DBT, you can use more advanced lay-out features such as page numbering, headers and footers, etc.

See: Inserting graphics in Duxbury Braille Translator