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CircleFrame videos

Using the CircleFrame and the accompanying drawing tools, the range of drawing possibilities on the TactiPad is greatly extended. The following series of videos will show the different features of the CircleFrame and its drawing tools.
If you want to find out more about the GraphGrid, you can also visit the GraphGrid video page.

TactiPad CircleFrame introduction

This first video shows the different features that make up the CircleFrame, the drawing tools that are supplied with the CircleFrame, how it can be positioned on the TactiPad and how to use the different indicators as a basis for your drawings.

Creating pie charts

This next video shows how the clearly defined tactile degrees indicators along the inner edge of the circle in the CircleFrame can be combined with the wedge-shaped tool to create accurate pie charts.

Drawing a clock

Using the slots in the wedge-shaped tool you can easily draw the hands of a clock, as explained in this next video.

Drawing circles with the compasses inside the CircleFrame

This next video shows the different ways in which the compasses can be used to make beautiful circular patterns or concentric circles within the CircleFrame.

Drawing zigzag patterns

The largest of the three drawing tools that come with the CircleFrame consists of a triangle with different templates on all sides. This video shows how this tool can be combined with the CircleFrame to create interesting overlapping patterns.

Using rubber bands as a flexible radial grid

When the notches around the outside of the CircleFrame are combined with rubber bands, you can a grid of radial lines as guidelines for your drawings, as can be seen in this video.

Repeating templates

By making different cardboard templates you can draw elegant repeating and overlapping patterns. This video shows how the small triangle can be used as a reference to make your own templates.