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Tutorials – Theme: Maps

Enjoy the full tutorial. Under this theme you find considerations and tutorials on how to create tactile maps with various tools and methods.

You can use the TactiPad drawing board, the TactileView software and the motorised drawing arm (MDA) for different map applications. Sources for the maps can be found on or images found on the internet.

Your comments

This document is in work in progress. Sections will be added over time. If you have any remarks, suggestions or questions for clarification, please let us know.

Considerations for the methods

Available topics in this theme:

  • Generate a Map of Dutch Air Traffic Control (TactiPad / MDA / RouteTactile)
    To illustrate how easy it is with the motorised drawing arm (MDA) and the TactiPad drawing board to create a tactile map for a complex situation we have published a tutorial: A sixth national airport Lelystad should open or not. Amongst many others, air traffic control is one of the aspects in this discussion.
    How to get, as a blind person, an insight in the complexity of the air traffic control aspect of it. How are the airports spread across the country? Where are the major air corridors and how large are the descent areas?
    Enjoy the full tutorial

Ideas for future topics in this theme:

  • TactiPad: spacial awareness
  • Cruise travel: overview of journey (TactileView)
  • Pure topographic A3/tabloid
  • Mobility instructions for a complex street crossing (MDA / TactiPad)
  • Orientation&Mobility training using the TactiPad drawing board (TactiPad)
  • Create a street map (TactileView / RouteTactile)
  • Wayfinding with a street map
  • Topographical country map and index (TactileView / RouteTactile)