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10.04 Browsing and selecting objects (Tab or Shift+Tab)

All objects that have been placed in the design with one of the drawing tools are grouped in the objects list (Ctrl+M). From this list, the respective context menus can be opened to change the properties of the object.

You can select an object or text label in the design by choosing it from this list, then pressing ‘OK’.

Cycle through text labels and objects with Tab or Shift+Tab

To conveniently cycle through the objects and text labels that are present in the design, use Tab (cycle forward) or Shift+Tab (cycle backwards). One by one, the objects and text labels will get the focus (will be selected). The name and position of the object or label will be announced.

This way you can cycle from top to bottom through the design. If any objects are horizontally aligned, the objects further to the left will come first.

Use Ctrl+K or the enter key to open the context menu if you wish to make any changes to the object.