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10.05 View – Context menu (Ctrl+K or Enter)

Any objects that were placed in the design can be edited later on. Opening the context menu of a selected object or drawing tool gives access to all the properties that can be changed. Read ‘Browsing and selecting objects‘ to find out how to make your object selection.

View – Open context menu (Ctrl+K or Enter)

Once you have selected an object in the design, you can open the context menu by choosing ‘Context menu’ from the View menu. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+K or the Enter key as a shortcut to open the context menu.

Open context menu via Object list (Ctrl+M)

The object list shows all object that are present in the design. Choose ‘Open context menu’ in this object list dialog. The respective context menu will open, in which you will find all options to edit the properties of the selected object.

See also the section Editing object properties.