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2.05 Free demonstration mode

For a free trial version of the software, you can simply download TactileView for free and install it on your computer (requires administrator rights). This allows you to use the software in demonstration mode without registration and to explore the great features in the software for creating tactile graphics. In demonstration mode, all software features are available. The only restrictions will be that printed designs will contain watermarks and files cannot be saved.
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To download the free trial version of TactileView, click here.

Configuration for demonstration mode
After launching the software for the first time, the configuration wizard will automatically guide you through the most important settings. To start using TactileView in demonstration mode, you can skip step 1 of 4 in the wizard. We strongly advise you to take the time to go through the remaining three steps, which present you with the settings that will give you the optimal user experience. You can revisit these and other setting via the Settings menu.

Read more about the Configuration wizard >

Upgrading to a full software version
After having played with the software, we hope you like it so much so you will contact one of our dealers or buy your licence in the Thinkable webshop.